Established as Zabeel Feedmill, a private company owned by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum with the objective of producing feeds for the different animals of the Royal family, managed by UAE’s pioneer veterinarian and nutritionist, Dr. A M Billah.


The launch of Dubai Racing Club and Emirates Equestrian Federation further captured the brand’s pioneering spirit when Zabeel Feed, always at the forefront of change, started developing a wide range of customized feeds for flat racing, endurance, and breeding horses to support UAE’s flourishing equestrian scene, thereby strengthening its role as an industry leader.


A fully owned subsidiary of Dubai Racing Club, produced more than 60 blended mixes for performance horses and camels, livestock production, and other animals, based on the latest nutritional research and technology.


Zabeel Feed commenced operation in its newly built state – of – art facility boasting five independent production lines. offering the most modern German manufacturing technology in the Middle East, the new site takes the brand a step closer to realising its vision of becoming the breakthrough innovator in thr animal nutrition industry.


With its established classic line of feed in existence, Zabeel Feed extended its research and formulated an innovative line of 100% self-formulated feed and supplements by equine experts. Zabeel Feed’s business expanded its reach outside UAE to KSA and other GCC countries supplying its range of products proficiently beyond borders.


Ali Abdulrahman Al Ali

Board Member and Chief Executive Officer


[email protected]



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